My path, not unlike many of yours, had repeated patterns of unhealthy learned behaviors and tough relationships that undermined me financially, mentally and emotionally. I distracted myself from myself with work and personal obligations and expectations about what it meant to succeed. These are the things that add up over the years and for so many of us are evidenced in pounds and inches. Before we know it we lose ourselves to the weight of our daily battles.
I’ve been there. I know.
I found myself at the point where I realized that if things were going to get better and change in a meaningful lasting way I was going to have to do some very real and concentrated work on myself. It was going to require a change from the inside out. I was starting over from ground zero at 40 years old and 215 pounds.

melissa past

Fitness is our way to tell ourselves, every hour of every day that we are worth it.  We matter.
I used my fitness program as the thing that would give me core. A way to be reliable to myself. This practice is like a daily meditation bringing balance to the chaos…. Eating the right things at the right time, following my weight training program and getting my cardio in every week without fail made all the difference. It’s about total health… I soon found that my fitness program gave me the energy and enthusiasm to make time for Art, Music, my Spiritual practice, my friendships…. It was all of these things that saved my life…. That brought in the healthy relationships…that alleviated the life long battle with Major Depression…that brought calm and stability to my art of everyday… I woke up and realized I felt as amazing as I looked. It all starts with our commitment to our Self.

I am Strength. Rely on Me.

What I learned is this:

We always have a choice and we are always choosing… so if what we have been choosing isn’t letting us feel our best or live our best life it’s time to choose something new. The power is in the Now…. And we are powerful beyond measure. What we are taking on together can be tough, sometimes scary, work… I know you can do this but it requires a solid plan with a purpose… No more wasting time and going in circles. It’s time to move Forward… and you don’t have to do it alone. You’ve got me now.

Everyone needs someone they can trust.

I know what we are taking on together isn’t just about the hours spent in the gym. This practice is going to call on you 24/7 and I’ve got your back the entire way.
I am there for you via text and email support… Beyond our time one on one in the gym, I offer nutritional advising and lifestyle coaching. I am invested in your total health and success.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s do this!

First 30 minute consultation is always free. Let’s get acquainted, calibrate on where we are at and make a clear plan for moving forward powerfully with grace and ease.

We start with getting a handle on your nutrition to align with the habits and routines that bring total health. Don’t worry, you’re eating 5-7 healthy meals a day and you won’t be hungry. This isn’t about restrictions or deprivation. This is about celebrating. Every single day. You’re going to have more energy than ever and start feeling great!

Working out of Rain City Fit on Capitol Hill, we will develop your fitness program tailored to your goals and abilities, meeting as often as you like at whatever time best fits your schedule.

I believe in functional training and I keep a close eye on form. You will be challenged as we Train smarter and with purpose as we reach and surpass your goals. This program will change and grow with you as your progress. You will be given the skills you need to move forward with confidence to achieve and maintain beautiful lifelong results.

Along with this comes my support via phone, text or email – I am with you all along the way. We will make a plan for how I can best support you and how often.

Why Personal Training? What can I expect?

Personal Training creates results. It takes away the guess work. It adds an extra level of customization and accountability to your fitness program. Personal Training is equally perfect for clients working around existing injuries and health concerns, or for those simply looking for body-fat or weight loss, or adding muscle tone and definition.  We work with the tools and program design that is appropriate for your level of fitness and your desired goals.

We will be working out of Rain City Fit on Capitol Hill. If private sessions are preferred we can meet one on one in my personal Studio. I want you to feel confident as your achieve your goals.

Program Design Includes:

  • Weight and fat loss management
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Functional strength and mobility training
  • Core strength and balance improvement
  • Muscle building and body composition development

Whatever your goal, Personal Training provides the structure to get you there. Schedule your free consultation to see how I can help you reach your goals today.

Why Group Classes?

First and foremost, Strength/Cardio classes are about having fun. They are a great way to come together in a community with the shared vision of living a better life. The added bonus is that they provide the metabolic burn that creates fat loss and the fitness results you want.  The Group dynamic creates motivation and accountability all in a high energy, action packed 45 minute session full of fun, and free of injury or intimidation.


Personal Training
Two to Six  60 minute sessions per month $65/hr  Add Massage: $75/hr
Seven to Twelve 60 minute sessions per month $60/hr   Add Massage: $70/hr

Group Classes
Drop in:$25 / Package of 4-8 $15per

One on One / Individual sessions
Personal Training: $85/hr
Massage: $80/hr

Purchased as a package, sessions are to be used within the 45 days of sale. There are no refunds for missed or unused sessions. Rescheduling is possible if notice is given 48 hours in advance.
Your time is Now.