These are Strength Rituals

This is what I know to be True. While I am an Athlete, and want to bring that strength and beauty out in others, it’s fueled from being an Artist, a Healer and my desire to explore all that life has to offer.

The reason for my decade long study and application of anatomy and the physiology of movement is that I have always wanted to know what I am capable of and I have always loved movement…what it feels like to run, to climb, to dance and to be strong…Equally so, documenting these moments through photography or mixed media is part of my daily gratitude practice…. I find myself always looking through the eyes of Love and asking: What’s beautiful here, what makes this moment special? I feel that way about the people I meet too.

The things that I have been drawn to: Massage, Fitness, Visual Arts, Tarot, may seem uniquely their own pursuits but for me, it is all Energy…  It is the celebration of life.